Practice Areas

Corporate, Civil Litigation and Real Estate

For over twenty years, the firm’s founder, Steven Feinman, has been representing clients in all areas of business, from retail stores to banks, manufacturing and distribution companies, apartment buildings, strip malls, construction companies, real estate developers, and numerous other entities. Mr. Feinman has developed a reputation for not only having keen instincts and getting the job done, but also doing so in a highly professional manner. He believes in straight talk, sound counsel and practical solutions.

Appellate Practice

After Mr. Feinman graduated from Fordham University, School of Law in 1986, he worked as a court attorney for the Appellate Division, First Department. During this time, he obtained valuable insight as to how appeals are reviewed and decided. Since leaving the court to pursue private practice, that knowledge has been instrumental in his career as an appellate attorney. He has perfected over 400 appeals, in both the civil and criminal matters. Feinman has earned a statewide reputation as a talented, creative professional appellate attorney who has achieved outstanding results for his clients.

Why should you choose us for your appellate practice needs?

It is often difficult, and not cost effective, for small and medium firms to engage in appellate practice. Since they do not have a staff that regularly litigates in the appellate courts, it takes them significantly more time than an experienced appellate litigator to perfect and/or respond to appeals, while at the same time not producing a brief that is the most persuasive.

Mr. Feinman has assisted numerous firms in providing them high quality appellate services, at a reasonable cost, thereby allowing the firms’ staff to pursue areas in which their expertise lie and where they are the most productive. In doing so, they maximize their revenue, while having the most persuasive briefs, thereby increasing their chances of success on their appeals. Not only does this improve the firm’s short-term profitability, but it will also increase their clients’ loyalty, which is the backbone of any firm’s long-term prosperity.